Friday, December 14, 2007

SmkSu Last Dinner -†

Hello ppl.. Just woke up from yesterday's blast.. Yesterday was my school's prom night.. Wasn't really wat i expected but it was okay le.. But for 120 the food there sucks.. We were there since 6 cuz we needed to get the ticket earlier.. Stayed there until 11 then we flew back to my hse.. I dropped off my car at home and followed Chee Khiong's car down.. We went to club in kl.. This was the first time i went to club with all my frens with me.. Normally only one or two.. Yesterday was the whole bunch.. LoL.. Kdu, Dj, and Du booked Mojo for their after party.. Means after their prom all of them flew to Mojo to partay.. We had frens there that asked us to go so we went to join their school.. Beer was free flow yesterday.. Kinda packed le and it was small le but it was okay le.. The Dj was cool.. HaHa.. Took some pics yesterday when i was in prom.. Take a Look..

WOw.. The red effect is so cool right?? Lol..

Me in the toilet.. Where's jack and Chill??

Me and ChiLL..

Wow.. How do i look>>?? LolL..

Me Ss-ing waiting to go in the hall..

ChiLL, Joker and i in the toilet ss-ing..LOL.. Guys

†- DaRreN -†™

Sunday, December 9, 2007

†- Bored and Stressing about courses to take ~

Halo peeps.. Back again.. Many people say thats its fun after spm.. Well its not really that fun.. Now i rather b in school.. Just going to school listen to wat my teacher say and go home do homework, play then sleep.. Such a wonderfull life.. College need to think of wat course to take.. Need to choose is properly... Need to find which college to go.. Stress on the price.. Haizz.. Yesterday went to kopitiam with jake, aaron, chili, my bro, and jikz.. We were talking about which course to take for hours.. Even b4 spm we went there to drink we werent talking about our spm.. Now look wat we are doing.. Ah yo.. College life the bomb????? Nah.. Hmm Well got to head to the gym already.. C yazz.. Take carezz ppl..

Trying on the new cap.. LoL looks kinda nice on me

HaHa me in bistro ss-ing.. LoL

Jessica Alba! Hottest ever known

†- DaRreN -†™

Thursday, December 6, 2007

†- Long Time -†­™

Hey everyone.. Sorry didnt blog for such a long time.. Was totally busy after spm.. Well i'll take some time to tell u guys wat happened after my spm.. We planned to go to port dickson on the 18th to 21st i think.. Somewhere around there le.. LOL.. All those who are going get prepared.. Blast! Went to Rainforest on i forgotten wat day.. The guys were all there adding in Mabel who came for a while and Tek Yit.. Her idoitic face cannot go wei! Haha.. We opened a chivas and a tower of beer.. I drank quite a lot and my face was like red already.. The singers at rainforest pass me a mic to sing somemore.. LOL.. They called me Hong Kong singer.. I dunno for wat aso le.. The other days still ordinary go cafe la lepak here and there le.. LOL this sat going for Ganjaguru rave, next thursday going maison.. WoW.. Money flying.. Wednesday prom somemore.. Well took kinda lots of pics since after spm.. Took pics in Rainforest, Jonathan's birthday, and everywhere la ah yo.. LOL.. Will pose it down.. Aite i gtg d.. Take care peeps..

Nian and I at Rainforest..

Darryl, Jack and I high-ing.. My face..!

This is wat im saying about Tek Yit's face..

Darryl, Ty and me.. HeHe!!!

Ss-ed in Gym toilet..

Sideways view.. HaHa.. Jason and nian as background

Jons's Birthday in Western BbQ outside summit

Me, Chili and the birthday boy (Jonathan)

Check out these songs..
1) What hurts the most - Rascall Flats
2)Tearing up my heart - NSync
3) Be my lover - Le Bouche

†- DaRreN -†™

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

†- Last Day Of School -†™ -SoBz-

Omg.. It was our last day going to school.. It was so the saddening wei.. Serious guys and girls in form 4 enjoy ur time going to school.. Dont skip school cuz u feel school is boring.. Once u've pass ur form 5 U'll have no chance going back there.. I teared looking at the teachers lining up and shaking hands with us form 5'ves.. After all the things we've done, they still treat us so good! Fuck! Haizz.. Pn Sherily , Pn Tan Pek Ngor, Pn Susela, Mr Jacob! NoOoOoOo.. Haizz.. Took pics and vids during the whole day.. Went around school just to get all my frens autograph and teachers signature.. First time going to the staff room so bravely asking my fav teachers to sign my Gemala Book.. None of them scolded me for wearing my ear ring or my hair.. All was like Darren, make sure u study hard for ur future.. Big boy d.. AhHhHhHHhHhHh... Sobz.. All my friends which hated teachers all melted on that day.. The songs that played while we were shaking their hands were all emo songs too.. Ish.. Next monday Spm.. After that no more school for me.. College.. Swear i will miss school life.. That day i didnt want to leave school at all.. Nian was like shit wei shit wei.. Didnt want to step out of the school front gate aso.. Haizz.. Frens.. Enjoy ur school life b4 its too late.. We all did regret badly.. Here are some pics that my frens and i took b4 leaving.. Hope ya enjoy it..

Brothers for life.. (Doug,ck,Darryl,Me,Aaron,Ziyin,Jake,Jack and Nian)

Me and Jack in the canteen on OUR usual Table!!¬

Aaron, Jack, me , Doug, Darryl and Ck..

Darryl and Me in our school canteen!! Sobz

Shereen, Me and Darryl.. In class!! 5eta

†- [A]nGe[L] -ZhAi-†™

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Brothers 4 life!

Me and Chili in redbox!~

Me, Chili and Darryl doing the "LaLa" pose..

Darryl, JikZ and muaaahh..

Jack, Jikz and meee.. U wont wanna know y all our hands were like that!! Correct a not jack?

- DaRrEn -†™

HeYz!!~ BroTheRs~

Hello people.. Just came back from studying so had a lil free time.. So decided to update my blog.. Haha.. Well these few days nothin much happening.. Just studying and studying and studying.. Lifeless.. Spm is in 15 days from now.. Haiz.. Starting to get scared d.. Help me.. Pmr aso not scared but spm shivering*.. Just got all the pics we took from Aaron's burthday so will let u guys and of cuz u gurls have a look.. HeHe.. Enjoy! TaTa

†- DaRreN -†™

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

~19 Days EnCouNtiNg~

Hey ppl.. I'm so so so sorry that i didnt blog for these few weeks.. Have been studying all the time.. Didnt have the time to blog and go out and all.. Always at Mcd studying till late at night then only go home... Well my last activity out was to a shuffling competition held in Sri Sedaya.. Di wei invited me and the guys there.. So we decided to go loo.. It was ok le but kinda boring le.. Cuz solo was first then onli group.. They should have mix solo then group then again solo.. Like that will b more fun.. HeHe.. Ok le.. Got to go study d.. Take carezz.. Got a few pics from sedaya.. Cyazz

Darryl, Muahh, Jason and Warith..

Darryl Meeeeee Jason

†- DaRreN -†™